What is JavaScript?

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JavaScript is a programming or scripting language. JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the WWW, alongside HTML and CSS.

JavaScript was developed in 1965 by “Brendan Eich”.

Advantages & Disadvantages of JavaScript:

Every programming language has some advantages and disadvantages; like other programming languages, JavaScript has some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of JavaScript:

We will discuss the advantages of using JavaScript language.


JavaScript is an interpreted programming language. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language.


JavaScript is very easy to understand and learn as compared to other programing languages.


JavaScript has a lot of popularity, it is seen almost everywhere. Every famous company uses JavaScript as a tool like Google, Amazon, PayPal, etc. All modern browsers are supported JavaScript.

Server Load:

JavaScript is a client-side programing language. It is used for data validation on the browser itself rather than sent to the server for validation. No needs to reload the whole page in case of any validation error. The browser update only selected/error validation segment of the page.


Many applications are developed in other languages but they also used JavaScript which works perfectly. It is easy to embed it into a webpage or inside of another programming language script.

Rich Interfaces:

JavaScript has various interfaces to help in creating catchy webpages. Animations, Drag & Drop components, Sliders, and many more. This leads to improving user interactivity on the webpage.


Now, JavaScript is capable of front-end as well as back-end development, such as uses in Nodejs, while many libraries help in front-end like ReactJS, AngularJS, etc.

Less Overhead:

JavaScript helps to improve the performance of the website and web applications. The codes contain less overhead by the use of various built-in functions such as for DOM access, loops, etc.

Disadvantages of JavaScript:

We will discuss the disadvantages of using JavaScript language.

Client-Site Security:

JavaScript is client-side scripting, the source code is viewable in the browser source, in some cases using JavaScript on-site that compromises the security of data on the website. Hackers can use viewable code for malicious purposes.

Browser Support:

Some older/various browsers are not fully supported JavaScript and some new/older functions. Before publishing the code on different platforms must be tested on various browsers.

Single Inheritance:

JavaScript has not supported multiple inheritances, it only supports single inheritance. Some programs may use OOP language characteristics and they may require multiple inheritance features.

Rendering Stopped:

JavaScript renders script/code line by line and a single error can stop the rendering of the entire page of JavaScript code on the website.

Lack of debugging:

JavaScript is not as efficient as other editors’ C/C++.  The developer can only debug by using a browser debugger that a little difficult for the developer to detect the problem.

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